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Middle States College Completion

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Middle States C4 Week
October 21-25, 2019

College presidents and state directors working with their Phi Theta Kappa chapters and Middle States Regional Leadership have designated October 21-25, 2019 Middle States Completes Week!

Completion Week brings all stakeholders together to advocate that student success and completion matter and that we are committed on every level — from fellow students to college administrators to state directors — to supporting all students on their journey to graduation. It sends a collective message that community colleges understand the complications that can arise and work to minimize the barriers and hardships.

Though the mission of C4 is about building a sustainable culture of completion, at the same time it increases Phi Theta Kappa awareness tenfold. C4 events are that one Phi Theta Kappa leadership activity that involves everyone on campus and is centered on student success. Statewide C4 initiatives allow students — all students — to make the conscious decision to complete what they started. It is the perfect starting place for chapters to work with college administrators and delve into other Society programs. C4 events increase awareness of the Society to the point that when a student receives their invitation, they don't question who Phi Theta Kappa is.

Every member can be a committed student and a completion champion at the same time. It's our duty to serve and support one another to the finish line.

College Planning Guide / Planning Guide for States / Middle States Completion Champion Form / Complete What I Started Scholarship Form / Commit to Complete Chapter Recognition Awards / Event Planner Form / Completion PowerPoint / Completion Zoom Meeting

Middle States Completes

Dr. Mark Brainard, President, Delaware Technical Community College
Dr. Melissa Rakes, Acting Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs-Delaware Technical Community College
Dr. Aaron R. Fichtner, Ph. D., President-NJ Council of County Colleges
Dr. Jacob Farbman, Director of Communications-NJ Council of County Colleges
Elizabeth Bolden, President-PA Commission for Community Colleges
Linda Gronberg Quinn, Associate Regional Coordinator-Maryland
Pattie Van Atter, Middle States Regional Coordinator