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Meet Tartela Tabassum Your Pennsylvania State President

This is Tartela Tabassum, your Pennsylvania State President and I am going to tell you what the important key is to be “The Best Leader”.

As a student-led society, we know that our members are leaders. Phi Theta Kappa leaders make things better by bringing people together, helping others in need, and creating positive change in our communities. But how many of you consider yourselves as the best leader? Do you know the 10 qualities the best leader must have? From an Educational forum on the Regional Convention 2019, I learned that those 10 qualities are being a follower, a collaborator, a perceiver, be humble, experienced, knowledgeable, realistic, appreciative, a person who leads through example, and one who is true to himself.

Though all of those qualities are important, I believe that the most important is the ability to collaborate. To collaborate means you have the ability to work with others while valuing other ideas, even though your peer's ideas are different than yours. As a collaborative leader, you will work with different identities, races, cultures, and belief systems. Collaborative leaders are open-minded, accept and respect diversity in the team and value others ideas. When you are good at collaborating, you have the ability to communicate and cooperate freely with others. This provides a level of acceptance that makes everyone feel welcome and an important member of the team. They feel that they belong. When you make people feel like they belong, they can trust you easily and you will have a good connection with them. Collaboration leads to a sense of connection and belonging, which is why I believe it is the most important quality of leadership.

Famous Pittsburgh leader Andrew Carnegie said, “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” Carnegie understood the importance of collaboration, and he purposefully connected with people in his community. He followed this advice to collaborate and as a result, he accomplished many good things in his life and is recognized as a great leader.

The whole of leadership is all about your collaboration and communication with others and how your attitude impacts others. I believe if someone can truly follow this advice and learn to see leadership as an opportunity to bring in other valuable ideas with collaboration, he/she can be transformed into a great leader. Best of luck new leaders.

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