MSR Feeds

The Middle States Region has always held the service pillar of Phi Theta Kappa close to the core of regional events and initiatives. Undoubtedly, the heart of the Middle States Region is the unique expression of servant leadership through service. After several discussions, the 2018-2019 Regional Officers are committed to preserving the spirit and legacy of service in a way that is manageable, feasible, and effective.

The 2018-2019 Middle States Regional Officers aim to unify the region in a massive month of events to help disadvantaged communities through service. The officers would like to bring vital attention to the hunger issues that impact the region and have one crucial goal in mind: to empower fellow Phi Theta Kappa members to positively impact their communities by addressing hunger.

The Regional Officer Team proposes to implement, advertise, and coordinate service events throughout the designated month of November, 2018. All chapters in the Region will be encouraged to host and/or plan a service initiative on their campus and/or surrounding community. The Regional Officers have decided to limit the scope of the project, therefore, service initiatives must be aimed toward addressing hunger on the chapter’s respective campus-community. The project has been named MSR Feeds.

#MSR Feeds Proposal for Advisors (printable pdf)

Share your chapter's initiative

State Service Options

Chapters can utilize, and are not limited to, the options below and/or develop their own service event.


Emmanuel Dining Hall East and West
Delaware Food Bank
Sunday Breakfast Mission
Friendship House
Rick Vanstory Center
The Shepherd’s Place
Dover Interfaith Mission for Housing

Washington DC/Maryland

The Capital Area Food Bank - Washington DC area
SOME (So Others Might Eat) program - Washington DC area
Baltimore Dream Center
Moveable Feast
The Foodbank Program operated by the Frederick Community Action Agency (FCAA)
Gaithersburg Help
Union Rescue Mission - Cumberland

New Jersey

Hoboken Shelter
St Lucy’s Emergency Shelter
Hope House (Jersey City) - House for Women and Children
Perc Shelter
Eva’s Village
Cornerstone House
Goodwill Rescue Mission


Produce to People
East End Cooperative Ministries
Central PA Food Bank
Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank
Second Harvest Food Bank
Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger
Rock Ministries (Philly)
Salvation Army of Western Pennsylvania
Treasures for Children [toy drive]
Light of Life Ministries

Project Objectives

#MSRFeeds Join us in the month of November to fight hunger

The Regional Officers want to provide a platform for chapters in the region to submit entries for their #MSRFeeds service initiatives. The biggest priority for this platform is easy navigation and accessibility. Chapters will submit their entries through the provided form. The link to the form will also be regularly posted on the Middle States Facebook page. In addition, the Regional Officers have created a list of possible organizations that chapters can collaborate with for this service project (found below). Chapters will be encouraged to post their initiative(s) using the #MSRFeeds hashtag on Facebook and Instagram. Every week, the Regional Officers will showcase and highlight the initiatives of different chapters across the region on the Middle States Facebook group using the submitted entries and the #MSRFeeds hashtag. Showcasing chapters that have participated in this service project will allow the Regional Officer team to recognize their efforts in combating hunger and to offer an incentive for other chapters to participate. As hashtags serve as an analytic tool in any business/organizational strategy, the Regional Officers will track the prevalence of the #MSRFeeds hashtag. Furthermore, the Regional Officers will actively promote #MSRFeeds during October and November in order to accumulate momentum.

Measure of success includes:

  1. An increase in the awareness of hunger related issues in the region
  2. An increase in morale and pride for the region
  3. An increase in the amount of social media reach
  4. X amount of social media reach / impressions

Target audience/markets

  • Active Phi Theta Kappa chapters in the Middle States Region
  • Phi Theta Kappa Middle States Alumni
  • Food insecure populations in the Middle States
  • Food banks and community focused organizations

Call to action

Our goal is for chapters to have both the tools and support to participate in this service initiative. If implemented correctly, the region will come together to address one central issue in the month of November.

Future Developments

Phase 2 Developments
After collecting the submitted entries and pictures from social media, a highlight video will be made to showcase at a regional event and/or at regional convention.

A summary of analytic findings will be made for record keeping. This summary will include how many total people were affected, and will quantitatively describe the impact of the service project on social media.


Our deadlines for the project are as follows:

Rough draft of service proposal Completed 08-02-2018
Official proposal submitted 08-10-2018
Marketing Campaign Starts 10-01-2018
#MSRFeeds launches 10-22-2018
#MSRFeeds Month Begins 11-01-2018
Analytic Summary Completed 12-10-2018

Project Contacts

The following people will be involved in the project:
Jennifer Greco (Middle States Regional President)
James Elliott (Delaware State President)
Syully Koroh (Washington DC/Maryland State President)
Caroline Sabsoul (New Jersey State President)
Sahara Muhina (Pennsylvania State President)

Sign off will be required from:
Pattie Van Atter (Middle States Regional Coordinator)