2016-17 Regional Goals

Five Star Chapter Development Plan

40 Chapters to Achieve 5-Star Status

Increase Membership Acceptance

Promote the benefits of Provisional Membership as indicator of student success, increase chapter engagement and membership acceptance.

Support chapters to set a goal of increasing membership acceptance rate to 15%

Promote Reach Rewards

Five Star Competitive Edge Program

5-Star Competitive Edge Members- 170 for 2017

The Middle States Regional Officer Team along with the Coordinator Team and Advisory Board will provide support, guidance and opportunities to engage chapters in Society and Regional Programs to achieve the goals of the Middle States Region.

Contact Us

Regional Coordinator: Pattie Van Atter

Associate Regional Coordinators
New Jersey: John Ortiz
Pennsylvania: Sarah Iepson
Maryland: Linda Gronberg-Quinn

Middle States Regional Officers:

Middle States President: Tito Caballero
Deleware State President: Phoebe Perkins
Washington DC/Maryland State President: Jesci Strange
New Jersey State President: Elda Pere
Pennsylvania State President: Tiffany Nguyen
Middle States Regional Alumni Association President: Jennifer Knee

HQ Support

Membership Services Specialist, Division I
Onjalai Flake

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